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Updates on the restoration of Western Pacific 0-6-0 number 165 at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum at Portola, California.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fall 2013 Workweek Report

There is nothing like planning a trip a year in advance only to get ill one day before you are supposed to leave for a week. Due to a nasty flu courtesy of our local school district, I was not able to attend the Fall work session. Lucky for me, Steve Lee offered to coordinate things in my stead, not a bad deal to say the least!

Steve reported in after the session, and outlined what was accomplished:

Left main reservoir is on and tightened down.

Right main reservoir:  Will need to move one bracket, which will result in reusing one
stud in its present location and installing two new studs.  The other bracket will be
left in place.

4 of the 6 binders are tight.  Need to chase some of the threads on the #1 binder

Wedge adjusters are in place on the #2 and #3, but are not tightened up.  Felt it
unnecessary to do so until we have the engine trammed and everything properly

Once the engine is trammed and all adjustments made, can start hanging the
brake rigging, safety straps, and lower sand pipes.  

Left brake cylinder in place and secured.

More scaling, grinding and priming done. More crap dug out of the mudring.  Still
a lot in there, though.

Rear tube sheet knuckle fitted up and rivet holes drilled.  Ready to weld.

Both sides of tender frame scaled, wire-brushed and primered.  Need to look over
the center sill around the rear truck to see if it is broken/patched like it is at the
front truck.  This thing obviously had a heck of an impact to the rear at one time in
it's past,  as both side sills have been replaced from the rear to about 6 feet forward. 

Norman finished drilling the rear tube sheet patch for riveting.

Left side air tank is up, shown prior to leveling.

Big thanks to Steve for opening the store in my absence. Others helping out this time include Ken and Nancy Harding, Jeff Boone, Dave Roth, Dave Anderson, Kirk Baer, Ed Chase, Hank Stiles, Charlie Spikes, Mike Garritta and Eddie Powell. 

Ken was in the boiler when the locomotive was shoved back into its spot a few feet, so he gave Steve a dime for the fare. That marks the first revenue the 165 has generated since it’s arrival! Steve gave the coin to Gail McClure who will either hold onto it or place it into the General Fund. 

Nancy Harding cleaning scale and assorted detritus. Dave Roth photo.

Jeff Boone helping out. Dave Roth photo.

David Elems attends to something on the pilot beam. Dave Roth photo.

Norm Comer finished fitting up the rear tube sheet knuckle patch, as well as a few other tasks. He will be back to do some riveting soon prior to Wasatch Railroad Contractors welding all of the patches into place.

Thanks again to Steve Habeck, and the Elems for getting everything in place prior to the work session. Having the engine over the pit made working on the binders much easier.

Our next work session will be Spring 2014, May 3rd through May 10th. I hope to have the Superheater flues on site by then, as well as many of the staybolts made up so we can start rolling in tubes. The ultimate goal for next year is a successful hydrostatic test of the boiler. Dave Varley has the FRA Form 4 just about done, a huge undertaking to be sure, thanks to him for sticking with it.

Until next year, have a nice Fall and Holiday season, and be safe! - JCA