WP 165 Restoration Blog

Updates on the restoration of Western Pacific 0-6-0 number 165 at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum at Portola, California.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Live from Portola - Anticipation builds.


After a hearty breakfast made by our own Hank Stiles, delicious to say the least, we begin our last day before the "big pick". Steve Lee, Hank, Severn focused on getting the driving boxes on the drivers yesterday. Roger and Hank spent a few days polishing journals and pins, while Sev and Dave Anderson cleaned up shoes and wedges.

Erin Swain, Portola's own "Prodigal Son" returned to get more done on the cab roof patching, and has made some great progress.

Kirk Baer has been tenaciously scaling and painting on the locomotive frame every day for the last two weeks and the engine really looks great! Thanks to Kirk and Dave for sticking with it.

Roger Stabler continued to remove staybolt ends etc. from the crown sheet yesterday. Hours of banging and torching took place, and a lot more to go before we are done.

We should be ready to pick tomorrow, look for an update soon. I will be very happy once the engine is back inside the shop. Until then, stay tuned... Chris

Hank and Steve putting driving boxes on the axles.

Charlie on the forklift gently getting the connecting rods on the pins.